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Auto Collision Center Break-in Attempt and Arrest | Bastion Security in Action

29 Aug. 2019

We’re sometimes asked why clients request us to dispatch police after an apparently successful Voicedown intervention (only for incidents that are verified criminal activity), and the example below illustrates why this can be a good practice.

While its obvious that car dealerships themselves are targets for theft, auto service centers are also at risk, typically due to their inventory of high-value small car parts (which are easy to carry away and sell). A luxury car dealer’s service center faced ongoing theft and transient activity, and shortly after establishing service with Bastion Security, this break-in attempt occurred.

After detecting the trespass and break-in attempt, our operators performed a Voicedown and dispatched police per our client’s instructions, and it appeared the site was clear.

But the suspect returned again, about 25 minutes after our initial Voicedown, so we updated police and immediately responded with another Voicedown – when seconds later 5 police vehicles arrived to arrest the suspect.

The arrest here exemplifies A) the need for a vigilant, process-based approach to security, B) how Bastion Security’s quick response moves intruders off-site, and C) the power of law enforcement to make arrests when provided live (& continuously viewed) video verified crimes in progress.

You may have noticed the water spots & other debris on the camera dome (which resulted from a construction site nearby and was cleaned shortly after this event – see image below). Even in difficult conditions, including inclement weather, our video analytics are tuned to capture important elements (people & vehicles) and still perform well despite these challenges, so we can quickly respond and deter illegal activity.

Daytime view from same camera today