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Bastion Security in Action | Graffiti Problem Solved for Los Angeles Commercial Office Property

20 Aug. 2019

A client in the LA area came to us for help with chronic graffiti on their office building (with over 100′ of back wall facing a prominent freeway).

The problem wasn’t limited to the expensive cleanup required on this back wall: the graffiti eventually spread into customer and employee facing areas of the property, and clients also had noticed increased property crime around the building.

Within one week of service initiation, a group of graffiti perpetrators arrived, but this time fled the scene after intervention by Bastion Security.

This example illustrates the effectiveness of our real time “Voice Down,” as the perpetrators run away almost immediately. Interestingly, a second attempt is made shortly after (where we also respond quickly) and is similarly thwarted. We commonly see this behavior: some perpetrators have previous experience with less effective solutions that ignore follow-on attempts, unlike Bastion Security.

With Bastion Security protecting your property, it’s hardened against against vandalism, graffiti, and other crime.