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Bastion Security in the News – Local Business Security – “You can’t trust Security Cameras” (without Active Security Monitoring)

28 May. 2019

TV news affiliate WBRC Fox recently interviewed Bastion Security for a story about local businesses security and crime deterrence, called “Why you can’t trust Security Cameras.”

They found that in multiple instances, security cameras were installed in an area where crime occurred, but did not record video or deter the crime. These featured businesses are rightly frustrated with the crime they experience, as well as the difficulties of self-managing a video surveillance system.

As we present in our whitepaper (“Security Cameras don’t stop crime… Without Active Security Monitoring”), unmonitored video surveillance systems rarely provide effective deterrence, while monitored services with real-time Voice Down actually work to stop crime before it happens.

Additionally, businesses that do not work with a managed security service run the risk of poor uptime & reliability, leading to video surveillance systems that don’t work when you most need them.

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