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Auto Dealership Security

Instead of expensive guards or passive camera systems, leading auto dealers invest in innovative security services that stop crime before it happens and are cost-effective to implement. Through our interactive “Voice Down” deterrent and application of intelligent technology, we dramatically lower the cost of protecting your dealership, facilities, and outdoor assets.

Keep your auto dealership protected and secure with Bastion Security.

Unique Auto Dealer Security Challenges

Vehicle Theft & Damage

Valuable inventory is visible and exposed, especially at night. Auto dealers need effective yet unobtrusive security solutions that deter theft or other unauthorized activity on car lots.

Auto Parts Inventory Shrinkage

Not only is it costly to replace expensive parts - the resulting delays from unavailable parts can lower customer satisfaction. Dealerships need to protect against inventory theft from both external criminals and internal employees.

"Quality of Life" Issues

Dealerships need to be clean and safe for employees and customers every morning, but mess or permanent damage from graffiti, vandalism, or trespassers/homeless can be a significant problem.

False Claims

With expertly-designed security video solutions, dealers can better defend against false claims of customer vehicle damage as well as other liability.

Active Security Monitoring helps Automotive Dealers Deter Crime

An automotive dealership is a deceptively complex location to secure: the security plan must combine best practices from retail, professional services, and warehousing, and be custom-designed for your specific location.

Serious threats from professional criminals, former employees, and other trespassers are ever present, and impact managers’ efforts to maintain a sales-ready showroom / car lot, and overall customer-friendly environment.

To secure against challenges outlined above as well as to provide operational efficiency and intelligence, dealerships invest in cost-effective security solutions.

Our turnkey security service provides the best of both worlds: operational excellence and peace of mind.

Active Security Monitoring is a managed security service provided by Bastion Security. We design and install a state-of-the-art video surveillance system at your site (or integrate with compatible pre-existing systems) to enable real-time security monitoring by our expert team.

Another benefit of our security service is the high-definition recorded video that can be leveraged for additional purposes, like fraud and liability protection. For auto dealers, we provide the ability to review complete video evidence trail of customer vehicles arriving at the dealership, waiting in service bays or body shops, and finally leaving the site.

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How Bastion Security protects Auto Dealerships

Real Deterrent

We intercede to stop unwanted activity and crime with our unique, real-time "Voice Down".

Police Dispatch

We first investigate to avoid false alarms, then assist PD or on-site personnel.

Complete Solution

We design and commission the system and can often integrate with existing equipment.

Guard "Force Multiplier"

When guards are required by law or perferred for customer service reasons, we greatly reduce the number needed to protect your site, and improve the service quality of the remaining guard staff.

Turnkey Service

We handle it all: "You’re Covered". Along with our Active Security Monitoring service, Bastion Security provides site assessment, solution design, installation / integration, and maintenance.

Effective protection at dramatically lower cost

Typically a 75%+ savings over on-site guards.


Your operator did an outstanding job Saturday morning according to the Berkeley Police Sargent that responded to her call for assistance. The Sargent praised her reporting and he was specifically impressed with her ability to direct him to the exact spot where the perpetrator was and had been.

The individual was arrested that night and was in possession of a stolen vehicle from a different car dealer. Keep up the good work.

Bruce U. - Luxury Auto Dealer Manager

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