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Local City Government and Public Utility Security

Instead of expensive guards or passive camera systems, leading municipal government officials and public utility managers invest in innovative security services that improve operations, use budget wisely, and stop crime before it happens. Through our interactive “Voice Down” deterrent and application of intelligent technology, we dramatically lower the cost of effectively protecting your government buildings, facilies, and high security environments.

Keep your city and public spaces protected with Bastion Security.

Unique Municipal Government Security Challenges

Maintaining "Quality of Life"

Government buildings need to be clean and safe for employees and visitors, but mess or damage from graffiti, vandalism, or trespassers/homeless can be a significant issue.

Personal Safety and Keeping the Peace

From altercations in public spaces to unknown trespassers after hours, cities and citizens face a variety of personal safety threats. In addition, live remote view can be a valuable tool when provided to law enforcement in any emergency secenario during school hours.

Theft of Valuable Assets

Whether expensive computer equipment, highly sensitive documents or data, or city vehicles, additional layers of security (beyond fences, locks, or safes) with proactive deterrent are often required to safeguard these assets.

Securing High Risk Enviornments

Public utilities and public spaces are known targets for terrorism as well as organized theft of metal and other materials. Rather than using passive methods, city officials and general managers need proactive solutions that harden the security of their locations to deter trespassing, theft, and other risks.

Active Security Monitoring helps cities and public utilties Stop Crime

Our turnkey security service provides the best of both worlds: operational excellence and peace of mind.

Active Security Monitoring is a managed security service provided by Bastion Security. We design and install a state-of-the-art video surveillance system at your site (or integrate with compatible pre-existing systems) to enable real-time security monitoring by our expert team.

Another benefit of our security service is the high-definition recorded video that can be leveraged for additional purposes, like fraud and liability protection.

Whether you're managing a public water, power, or other utility, city parks and public spaces, or government buildings and facilities, we provide our clients the ability to live view all their locations at any time, thereby saving the time and expense of physically visiting each location and giving peace of mind.

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How Bastion Security protects Municipalities

Real Deterrent

We intercede to stop unwanted activity and crime with our unique, real-time "Voice Down".

Police Dispatch

We first investigate to avoid false alarms, then assist PD or on-site personnel.

Complete Solution

We design and commission the system and can often integrate with existing equipment.

Guard "Force Multiplier"

When guards are required by law or perferred for customer service reasons, we greatly reduce the number needed to protect your site, and improve the service quality of the remaining guard staff.

Turnkey Service

We handle it all: "You’re Covered". Along with our Active Security Monitoring service, Bastion Security provides site assessment, solution design, installation / integration, and maintenance.

Effective protection at dramatically lower cost

Typically a 75%+ savings over on-site guards.

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