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Parking Garage Security

Instead of expensive guards, drive by patrols, or passive camera systems, leading parking operators and owners invest in innovative security services that reduce risk and create an inviting environment for parking guests. Through our interactive “Voice Down” deterrent and application of intelligent technology, we dramatically lower the cost of effectively deterring trespassers in your parking garage.

Keep your parking garage safe and secure with Bastion Security.

Unique Parking Garage Security Challenges

Loitering in Stairwells

Urban parking garages increasingly experience transients loitering in stairwells or other confined spaces. Some of these individuals may also engage in illegal activity, including theft or open drug use, or other actions that increase liability.

Theft & Vandalism

Many parking guests worry about auto theft and theft of valuables from their cars. By securing the parking garage environment and limiting unauthorized access or loitering, you make your garage less attractive prowlers and theives.

Personal Safety Threats

Elevator areas on each floor, as well as payment machine areas are higher risk for personal safety crime. We help maintain an area free from loiterers, so guests feel safer when exiting the garage or coming back to their car.

Active Security Monitoring helps Parking Garage Operators maintain safe and secure environments

Our turnkey security service provides the best of both worlds: operational excellence and peace of mind.

Active Security Monitoring is a managed security service provided by Bastion Security. We design and setup a state-of-the-art video surveillance system in key areas of your parking garage (often stairwells, pay stations, and elevator waiting areas) to enable real-time security monitoring and response by our expert team.

For garages with special needs or manned security requirements, we integrate our Active Security Monitoring Services with traditional security guard companies. Clients typically reduce their spend on manned guard services due to our added efficiency.

Whether you're an operations manager, property owner, or parking management executive, we provide our clients the ability to live view all their locations at any time, thereby saving the time and expense of physically visiting each site and giving peace of mind, at any time of day or night.

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How Bastion Security protects Construction Sites

Real Deterrent

We intercede to stop unwanted activity and crime with our unique, real-time "Voice Down".

Police Dispatch

We first investigate to avoid false alarms, then assist PD or on-site personnel.

Complete Solution

We design and commission the system and configure each unit for a specific purpose at your site.

Guard "Force Multiplier"

When guards are required for non-security reasons, we greatly reduce the number needed to protect your site, and improve the service quality of the remaining guard staff.

Turnkey Service

We handle it all: "You’re Covered". Along with our Active Security Monitoring service, Bastion Security provides site assessment, solution design, installation / integration, and maintenance.

Effective protection at dramatically lower cost

Typically a 75%+ savings over on-site guards.


Bastion Security has allowed me to provide 24/7 coverage of a challenging site at the fraction of the cost of onsite security personnel. The initial results have been fantastic, and the site has seen a remarkable reduction of loitering, graffiti, and break-ins that previously plagued the site.

Scott A - Property Manager

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