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Actively protecting a range of industries.

Since our founding in 2003, we’ve helped commercial and governmental organizations across many industries secure their facilities and outdoor sites.
While we can secure almost any project, we have extensive experience and a focus on solving the unique challenges faced by the following industries.


Multifamily Housing

Whether luxury condos, urban apartments, affordable housing communities, or mixed-use properites, multi-family housing residents and managers face unique challenges. Bastion Security provides a variety of services to improve safety, security, quality of life at these properties.

With Active Security Monitoring, our Voice Down is an effective deterrent against homeless, transients, or other trespassers in parking garages, stairwells, or lobby areas. We also help enforce community "after hours" rules (e.g. for swimming pools or in a rooftop common area), which helps limit liability. We work with you to design solutions that are cost-effective for your specific property.



The biggest challenge in construction site security is protecting against theft—and the financial losses from project delays while equipment is replaced. With 13 years’ experience in this sector, we know how to protect your valuable property. We can even integrate our Active Security Monitoring Services with sites that use traditional security guard companies.

Another key factor is jobsite safety. Our service enables 24/7 video recording and storage of construction site activities, which can be reviewed in case of an accident.


Utilities & Critical Infrastructure

Bastion Security has many years of experience protecting California's biggest utilities from costly “shutdown days”—when a power plant or substation is inoperable due to disturbance, vandalism, or other security breaches.

Our key employees have earned the highest levels of related certification (CPP, INS) and are well-trained in critical infrastructure security protocols. We also help clients maintain compliance with industry NERC/FERC standards, and offer a robust solution for facilities/sites where hazardous conditions such as high-voltage create an unsafe situation for guards.


Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships face a difficult security challenge: their merchandise is mobile, valuable, and often visible from the street. Our Active Security Monitoring Services can prevent theft of assets or inventory — including vehicles and office equipment — and protect against facilities break-ins and vandalism. A Live Voice Down from our operators can scare off many would-be thieves from dealers’ lots.


Heavy Equipment Dealers

Bastion Security helps heavy equipment dealers protect their assets and inventory, such as construction vehicles and tractors, from theft. Parts theft—and the damage to vehicles that can occur during parts theft—is another threat we help you avoid, along with tagging and other forms of vandalism.


Retail and Strip Malls

Retail and shopping centers are increasingly experiencing security, vandalism (grafitti, breakage, illegal dumping), and safety issues. Without adequate solutions in place, employees who open or close the store may not feel safe, or may encounter high-risk situations with trespassers, transients, or criminals.

Bastion Security helps owners and property managers of these properties maintain a safe, customer/employee-friendly enviornment, leading to happier tenants and better property management performance.



Our Active Security Monitoring Services help the education sector — from elementary school classrooms to university laboratories and sports facilities — to guard against break-ins and the resulting theft and vandalism. We can record and store video of on-site activity both during and after hours, and detect and warn off trespassers.



Our Active Security Monitoring Services help manufacturers protect their assets (especially those stored outdoors) and help prevent downtime and delays that result from materials theft. We help clients protect against facility break-ins and prevent vandalism and damage to machinery and goods. For these clients, we assist in enabling a work environment that’s OSHA-compliant and safe for workers coming to and leaving the workplace.



Energy sites have become a high-profile target for theft, vandalism—and more recently, terrorism. Bastion Security works with the energy sector to protect remote assets such as oil and gas pipelines, drilling rigs, and solar farms from such events, preventing lost productivity and environmental fines and clean-up.

Access to power is often a problem; for this industry sector and others, we offer a Solar Tower solution that enables us to protect even the most remote areas off the power grid.


Municipalities & Government

With our Active Security Monitoring Services, Bastion Security has helped protect cities across the Western U.S. We monitor parks and other public spaces to help prevent after-hours trespassing and vandalism, and provide temporary security for events in municipal facilities.