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Our core offering is Active Security Monitoring Services.

By combining the best technology with the most experienced people, we provide client-tailored security monitoring at typically less than one-third the cost of traditional security guards. Our high-performance service is customized for each site, enabling us to protect large, complex, or dangerous sites that other companies simply cannot. And it’s completely turnkey, from initial assessment and equipment installation to monitoring and communications.

A purpose-built solution for modern site security.

Bastion Security systems utilize a potent combination of security cameras and state-of-the-art sensors that actively monitor your site, sending data streams back to our Video Central Station. Built specifically to monitor these video/sensor signals and staffed by seasoned professionals, our Video Central Station features infrastructure redundancy. From this secure facility, our operators gain an intimate familiarity with your site. We monitor hundreds of sites and process thousands of alarm events every day, and with the system’s high degree of accuracy, we have few false alarms.

Here’s how our Active Security
Solution works:


Video analytics or sensors detect motion or other activity on a property. Our Video Central Station operators are notified and review a video clip of the alarm. Operators can then switch to view live video to assess the situation.


Using a loudspeaker installed on-site, operators can perform a Live Voice Down warning command that can literally stop crime in its tracks.


We quickly and carefully investigate, and if the situation warrants, we will call the police or call the client with our assessment, per a unique client protocol.


Our operators have extensive experience in communicating with law enforcement and remain in direct contact until each situation has been handled.


Clients can typically view live video from their own sites through our remote video server. Our systems record site footage for backup video storage that can be reviewed later if necessary.

To protect your site, our Video Central Station operators monitor video streams and sensors from one or both of these site security solutions:

Temporary Security Systems

If our on-site assessment indicates that Bastion’s proprietary, purpose-built security towers are the best solution for your site, we’ll deliver, position and prepare them for immediate action. Our towers are equipped with an array of HD cameras, lights, loudspeaker, and sophisticated communication capabilities to ensure consistent delivery of video and sensor data from your site to our Video Central Station.

Fixed Video Security Systems

We also deliver our Active Security Monitoring Services via fixed video security systems—whether your existing system or one newly installed by Bastion Security. Our fixed systems provide the same turnkey, robust, and cost-effective security as our temporary tower solution. For sites with complex perimeters, access points, and assets to protect, our security towers can be combined with these fixed camera installations to provide the ideal solution.

We provide proactive maintenance for both solutions, remotely reviewing camera and sensor feeds daily, and rolling trucks if on-site service is needed.

We also offer the following additional services:

Remote Guard Tour:

A Video Central Station operator proactively views every camera video stream to look for anything strange—replicating a guard physically walking a route.

Secure Video Escort:

On request, operators will watch a client’s employees enter or exit a facility—offering peace of mind about workforce safety.

Bastion Security also provides integrated security systems (with video, access control, and other functionality) for comprehensive facility protection.

Bastion Security vs. on-site security guards

Our Active Security Monitoring Services solution is usually less than one-third the cost of using on-site security guards.

But it’s not just about saving money.

Here’s why our solution is a smart alternative or complement to security guard services:

Always focused

Activity across multiple sites and trained supervisors keep our operators alert.

Records valuable evidence

Video from security cameras is often conclusive; eyewitness testimony is typically unreliable.

Accessible, Professional Service

Our operators are intimately familiar with your site and are quickly available via phone.

Simultaneous Coverage

With cameras & sensors watching critical areas, we can see everything on screen at once.

Extremely reliable

Our team of operators works together; you’re still protected if someone is late or out sick.

Visibility in difficult conditions

Our most advanced cameras “see” regardless of weather and darkness.

Deploys where humans can’t go

Our solution can be placed in hazardous environments and remote locations.